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White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Anti-Powder Zipper For Mushroom Powder
Job Name: Real Mushrooms
Packaging Demand: more ecofriendly packaging, a zipper that good for powder.
Custom Solutions provided by BPS:
Packaging Style: white kraft paper stand up pouch
Accessory: Anti-powder zipper
Material: White Kraft / plastics film designed according to customer demand
Printing: flexo printing up to 9 colors per design
Design Features: great lines sketch of mushrooms as background, high resolution of mushroom image, natural look and stylish design.
Project Background:
The customer was looking for a white matte compostable stand up pouch for mushroom extracts products. Their regular packaging is generic stand up pouch with 2 sides plastic label for all 6 sku products. At first, we suggested customers cancel all label packaging and switch packaging to our featured compostable pouch. After deep discussion, we thought it's not quite the time yet to go fully compostable for their needs due to the limitation of printing for compostable pouch. Customer would like to keep mushroom CMYK image on the bags. And they requested a innovative zipper that good for powder. According to their demand on packaging, we offered plastic saving kraft paper pouch with anti-powder zipper for real mushroom.

Customer Comments / Feedback:
The customer are satisfied this packaging solution and will apply to all 6sku products. Currently, they have spent $10,000 on a sampling order. They will place a mass order soon.
“We've got the samples. They're really good! We like them a lot. We'd like to proceed with the mass order asap. We are happy with the zippers. That's great that they can come pre-opened.”
-Adam Chilton